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We offer potential relief from pain, trouble, aging, and more... without judgement!

The Avenu Wellness Center

We are dedicated to facilitating the improvement and potential healing of the body and mind in a peaceful, understanding, and joyful atmosphere.

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We will provide you a custom assessment plan so that you are able to choose a path based on your interests, time & budget.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Image

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Mild hyperbaric oxygen sessions increase the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. An increase in blood oxygen temporarily restores normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection.

PEMF Facial Image

PEMF Facial

Under the influence of Pulsating Magnetic Fields (PEMF), blood-circulation is improved and the oxygen supply to the cells of the layers of the skin is increased. The skin is saturated with oxygen and various nutrients and many benefits result.

Avacen Image


AVACENĀ® (Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement) provides a drug-free, noninvasive, over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief and wellness device. Our heat systems for pain relief are FDA Cleared Class II medical devices indicated for various uses.

LED Red Light Image

LED Red Light

Designed to pinpoint specific areas of the body or face, this equipment can be used for on-the-spot rejuvenation of skin and deep, penetrating muscle recovery.

O2 Peak Performance Image

O2 Peak Performance

O2 Peak Performance utilizes varying concentrations of oxygen during exercise and is scientifically proven to restore health. For the individual who is looking to oxygenate blood in their body, potentially reduce inflammation, increase energy, increase endurance, and maintain optimal health, O2 Peak Performance is an effective and efficient option.

PEMF Full Body Mat Image

PEMF Full Body Mat

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) sessions can be used to help the body recover from toxin overload by balancing the frequencies needed for healing. Chronic conditions and soreness can improve or even diminish.

RF INNER Cleanse Image

RF INNER Cleanse

The RF INNER Cleanse is a noninvasive thermal shock wave depth conditioning instrument that circulates RF (radio frequency) Vibration Energy through the meridians of the feet to the whole body.

The Victory Protocol Image

The Victory Protocol

The Victory Protocol is crafted to balance your brain activity to induce a "Theta State" in the client. This is when the brain and body are in a state of relaxation, and the brain is susceptible to new healthy thoughts similar to when you are falling asleep.

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See what others are saying about their experience.

Derick B

Avenu Wellness Center got me through multiple injuries and improved my daily quality of life. I definitely noticed when I missed a hyperbaric appointment, it makes you feel so rejuvenated and ready for more. Thank yo...

Scott M

Amazing help me to see better and even hear better. Just a sense of well being over all. It also helped my blood pressure go down which was the main reason I went in. I highly recommend Avenue Wellnes...

Kimberly J

The staff and facilities at The Avenu Wellness Center are wonderful. I received hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments following surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon and was treated with care and professionalism. Imm...

Jim Ganahl

Weatherman, ABC 6 and Fox 28

I have congestive heart failure and as a result, have labored with breathing, balance and neuropathy for the past 10 years. It has limited my ability to walk and I have felt my enthusiasm for life diminishing. Recently I w...

Denise M

Following an unfortunate accident, breaking my heel bone in 3 places, I had 2 rods put in. This required surgery and a three month hiatus from walking on my injured foot. It was a long, painful three months of crutches, wh...