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Women using PEMF mask

PEMF Facial

Under the influence of Pulsating Magnetic Fields (PEMF), blood-circulation is improved and the oxygen supply to the cells of the layers of the skin is increased. The skin is saturated with oxygen and various nutrients and many benefits result.

Potential Benefits Include:

  • Dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the eye lids may disappear
  • Skin may soften and wrinkles diminish
  • Puffy eyes and eye fatigue may reduce
  • A youthful, natural glow is restored to skin
  • Supports facial circulation for improved skin health

A Natural Solution for Beauty Inside and Out

Research has shown that PEMF may slow down the aging process at the cellular level and numerous clinical studies have been conducted on this technology, showing that PEMF may reduce oxidative stress, support cell rejuvenation and bring natural balance to our cells. The PEMF Facial not only provides these therapeutic benefits to your face, but also stimulates various acupuncture points, supporting holistic health and overall wellbeing.

What can I expect during a PEMF Facial?

You will wash and dry your face before sitting in a comfy chair for your session. The face mask will be put on and you may read a magazine or relax. It is possible you may feel mild heat and/or mild stimulation, although many feel nothing. Feeling nothing does NOT mean the session is not effective. Your face may be flushed after your session for a short period of time and you may sweat.