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March 5, 2024

Introducing the First "Smart" HBOT in Columbus, Ohio!

Two luxurious hard sided hyperbaric chambers have just made their debut in Columbus, Ohio at The Avenu Wellness Center. The HyperSphere (seated) and the HyperTube (lay down) are available for sessions now!

The Avenu Wellness Center is delighted to introduce the HyperSphere and the HyperTube Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Columbus, Ohio.  These revolutionary hyperbaric chambers are where biohacking meets comfort and luxury. 

What does a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) session entail?  First, an evaluation will be done by our medical staff to go over medical history and health/wellness goals.  This free assessment will help determine which of our services and machines will meet needs most efficiently.  Sometimes this may include other services that enhance and/or speed the process.

We ask that clients arrive a few minutes before the appointment to check in, change into scrubs (leaving personal belongings in a locker), and have vitals taken.  You will head to the treatment room and enter the assigned chamber.  There are blankets and neck pillows to ensure comfort.  No personal devices such as phone or tablet are allowed in the units.  Once inside, you will attach a mask to your face, lay/sit back and relax as the chamber is closed and pressurization begins.  Higher concentration oxygen flows freely through the mask starting about one minute into the pressurization process.  Many people use their time in the chamber to relax, nap, or read. The session time is 60 minutes plus about six minutes to pressurize and 8-10 minutes to depressurize.

In addition to training, certifications, and years of experience providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the staff at The Avenu Wellness Center have also collectively completed hundreds of “dives”.  We understand that change and recovery can be a difficult time and our goal is to foster a peaceful and understanding environment in which to heal. 

Call (614) 319-3354 to schedule your free assessment and get started on the path to better health!